Church Of England Fail to cease 20% VAT Levy

19 FEBRUARY 2015

Following on from our news page on the proposed introduction of 20% VAT on historic alterations that we posted in April, it is with regret that the Church of England has lost the battle with the government to stop the proposed introduction of 20% VAT on historic alterations. 

A petition was drawn up straight away to try and cease plans for the new tax levy and the awareness of the petition was backed by The Heritage Alliance, HHA, SPAB, Federation of Master Builders, Georgian Society and other likeminded companies within the industry, including ourselves.

Unfortunately at the time of closing on 19th May 2012 the petition had gathered just 28,031 of the required 100,000 signatures. 

Carl Edwards, Managing Director of The CEL Group comments "It is hard enough for churches to gather the funds in these troubled times, Churches will now have to raise the extra 20% to pay for any alterations which will most likely put projects back for years to come."